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More Than 20 Years of Affordable Laser Cutting and Engraving Services

About KJ Laser Ltd.

At KJ Laser Ltd. in Sherwood Park, Alberta, we manufacture and sell acrylic slant boards alongside offering affordable laser cutting and engraving services. We use advanced laser cutting equipment to make innovative, top-quality products. With more than 20 years of technical expertise,

KJ Laser Ltd. is at the forefront of ergonomic design features in reading and writing tools.

Laser Technology Pioneers

My pioneering efforts in laser technology began in 1982 when I was involved in building the worlds most powerful non-military laser.  In 2000    KJ Laser Ltd., bought it own lasers and developed laser cutting and engraving technology for use with non-metallic surfaces.   We bought the best precision industrial laser equipment available that could cut non-metallic material within 1,000th of an inch.

In 2015 we bought two new state of the art lasers to replace the two we wore out!

Initial Design Success

In 2003, we received a request from a local elementary school occupational therapist to design and create a slant board. We successfully sold more than 400 units locally in the first year that we introduced our product.

Continuous Product Development

Six years later, with the help of a dedicated parent and two occupational therapists, we began designing an adjustable slant board. After two years of continuous product development, we finally succeeded in completing the final product design. The adjustable slant board has now become our best-selling product. Demand for the product continues to grow all over North America.