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Our Boards Offer the Latest
in Reading and Writing Tool Technology

The New Versatile Slant Board

Girl Using a Slant Board Children Using a Slant Board Slant Board in Bed
This is a large and very versatile slant board that is 24" by 19" (61 cm by 48 cm). It is fully adjustable from 22 to over 90 degrees.  It can also be used by people who are bedridden as a slant board to hold a laptop or folded down to act as a dining tray, when it is used with its optional removable legs.

Laser-Cut Plexiglas Slant Boards

At KJ Laser Ltd. in Sherwood Park, Alberta, we have four different models of laser-cut acrylic slant boards available. These boards offer the latest in ergonomically designed reading and writing tool technology.

Ergonomic Features

The 5" slant board's 22-degree angle incline efficiently focuses the center of gravity downward and make hand and wrist movements in writing more fluid.  All our slant boards can be used to improve reading skills.

Reduces Strain and Discomfort

Ergonomic features reduce back, neck, and arm strain. Users can work or study for longer periods of time with minimal eye fatigue and discomfort. Suitable for use in classrooms, special education institutions, and offices, slant boards can also be customized according to your desired specifications. In case you encounter manufacturing  issues with our slant boards within a year of use, we will provide you with a free replacement.

2" Slant Board

All the four models we have available are made out of tough 4.5 mm clear acrylic heat-bent for strength and rigidity. Each board comes with a 6" clip to firmly hold paper sheets in place. Weighing .697 kg (1 lb. and 8.6 oz.), the board has a work surface 12" wide and 13" long. Book shelf and line guide accessories that can be bought separately can be attached to the board.

5" Slant Board

The 5" slant board is specially designed for reading but can also be used for writing. Weighing in at .798 kg (1 lb. 12.1 oz. ), the 5" slant board has a 13" x 12" work surface with ample space to accommodate a book shelf and a line guide.

5" Slant Board (14.5" Wide) Landscape

Engineered with a landscape orientation, this slant board model can likewise accommodate a book holder accessory. With a 14.5" wide work surface, the board enables left and right-handed writing ease. The 22-degree optimal angle makes it ideal for reading. Line guides are not recommended for this model. This slant board weighs .944 kg  ( 2 lb 1 oz ).

Adjustable Slant Board

The most versatile among the four models, the adjustable slant board offers a 12" x 14" adjustable angle  work surface. It comes with a 6" nickel-plated clip fastened at the center near the top. Likewise it is made of 4.5 mm clear acrylic, it weighs 2 lbs. and 15.8 oz. (1.354 kg) and has six clear silicon rubber feet for stable desktop traction.   This is our best seller for a reason!

Book Shelf

Made of 3mm heat-formed acrylic, the book shelf is attached by industial strength Velcro, so it is removable and  can securely support a book. It can also safely hold an iPad™, tablet, games or electronic reading device in place on all of our slant boards.

Line Guide

This accessory clips on to all of the 12 inch wide slant boards and is made of 3mm heat-formed acrylic. With spring-action features, you can release its grip on the board simply by pressing on the clip. This allows you to slide the line guide up and down over the slant board, following the lines as the child reads.  Weighing 1 oz. (26 grams), the line guide is 1" wide and 12" long.